GA 10k Route

GA 5k Route

NEW GA 2.5K Route

This route can be used for parents with small children, less active Seniors, or small dog walkers who have never done a 5K.  It is also good for those who have to leave early for work. They can still get in a scenic walk, get breakfast, and chat with their walk buddies before leaving! 

2.5k guardians

new! invitation / qualified athletes only

FOR QUALIFIED RUNNERS ONLY – Routes are the same as above. Runners do the same warm-up and intro session at 6 AM. and start at 6:30 AM.

Athletes are asked to run for 1 of our 3 linked charities. They will be asked to purchase the fundraiser shirt.  This will help us help these worthy causes.   If they’d like chances to win prizes, the prizes start for those who’ve raised at least $500.00. There will be a prize for runner who raised most overall.

If you can do a 5K in sub 25mins or a 10K  in sub 50 mins, then please register using the BREAK the Record selections.                             

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